"Are You Personally Battling Cancer? A Cancer Survivor? Have A Chronic Illnesses?

with your personal appearance, low self-esteem or performing daily tasks?

Are you looking for more information about your illness, legal and financial services or just need a girlfriend to talk to? You are not alone; we are here to help you. Our Girlfriend Volunteers are skilled professionals with a giving heart and desire to be of service to others. We are connected to many non-profit hospital and home health caregiving organizations that are always ready to help you out. Contact us and explore how we can help you. Pinc Bubble is a free service.

"girlfriends helping girlfriends"
Help Hotline 404 372-2022


Connecting Women who need Help with Girlfriends who care!


Pinc Bubble is a Non-Profit organization offering a global program for women who are undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors, and for women who suffer from chronic diseases.




Do you Need a sense of fulfillment?
Have a passion to help others?
Have a giving heart?

"Become a Beacon in your community... Volunteer - be a Girlfriend"

Ask yourself, what are you good at? What do you love to do? Imagine sharing your talents, skills and abilities with someone who needs your assistance?
Perhaps you enjoy crafts, reading stories to others, makeup artistry, personal shopping, or organizing? Are you a language translator, motivational speaker, a lawyer or financial planner? These are just a few of the areas where you have the opportunity to help. Let your imagination soar... we urgently need you. Be someone's hero, share your abilities.


Your State Counts

Our goal is to have "girlfriends helping girlfriends" in every state and every zip code across the United States.. By reaching this goal Pinc Bubble will bring to women the help they so desperately need. You can help build this network... be the first to represent your state... help us put your state on the map. Join us today. sign up.

We are Recruiting Globally

and actively recruiting Volunteer Girlfriends in every country around the world to connect with women to build our global community. If you enjoy helping others... join our cause and be the first to represent your country. We are sisters - Oceans no longer keeps us apart - We are one global community.

By Hosting an Event

You can make a difference. Get involved, Ask us how.

Are you looking for a way to grow your business in these hard economic times? Join our PINC List of participating individuals, merchants and businesses.

By contributing the small sum of $25 you will be listed in our directory with a hot link to your website and your logo will be displayed on our participating merchants page. Join today, help us make a difference and enjoy this inexpensive advertising opportunity. This is our gift to you for joining our cause and for your support.


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